What is a broadband connection and how does it provide internet?

What is a broadband connection and how does it provide internet? – Friends, in this post today we will tell you what is Broadband Connection and how it works. What is the full form of broadband, and what are the types of broadband connections, and complete information about all these has been explained in detail in this article.

Broadband, whose name comes to our mind as soon as we hear that it gives us internet facility and that too high-speed internet which also gives the speed of 1Mbps to 1Gbps.

Using this broadband, have you thought that how the unseen internet comes to your mobile and how it works? Apart from this, what things it passes through, we will tell you about all these in detail today.

The full form of Broadband is “Broad Bandwidth”.

Broadband gives us a high-speed internet connection. Before knowing about broadband, you have to understand what is internet.

If understood in simple language, the Internet is like a postman who only works to carry information from one place to another. Whether you want information about playing a game, knowing about a place, or watching a video. The Internet is used for all this.

Whenever you make a request to search for something from a search engine using the Internet, the Internet fulfills that request by reaching the information provided, that is why the Internet is also called Model Postman or Digital Postmaster.

What is a Broadband Connection –

Broadband is also no different from the Internet. If we see the internet as data then we have to transfer data between two devices and in such a situation, Broadband is the way through which our data transfer takes place.

How does Broadband Work? –

When we turn on data in the internet, then your internet starts from your data provider. But in the case of Broadband, huge optical fiber wires are laid underground, which then provide connection to many homes and this again becomes WiFi.

You must have seen that you cannot get broadband facilities everywhere. If you live in an area where there is no broadband connection, then you cannot take advantage of this facility. When these wires are laid, they it is installed to provide internet facility in homes or offices. So, friends, you must have understood that Broadband is not a power, but it reaches offices and homes through wires.

If we talk about fast internet, then broadband has high speed. Where large wires are laid, due to which the coming and going of information becomes very fast. As mentioned earlier, the Internet is meant to exchange information. If the speed of the internet is high, then the information will also come and go very fast. The speed of the internet will be fast when it will get a round trip package and that package is optical fiber wire.

Now you think that if the information will go and come in only one wire, then how much time will it take and then so many users and they all have different information, then there is a danger of jamming the information on that wire, so optical Thick wire of fiber is used. Therefore, thick wires of optical fiber are better to carry more and more information.

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If you are told by giving an example, then the more roads there are on the highway, the more trucks, buses, motorcycles and cars can travel at the same time, if the road remains one, then there will be a jam. Exactly the same thing happens in Broadband as well. It is quite easy to get the facility of broadband internet connection. If we want, we can this benefit from any telecom like Jio Broadband, Airtel Broadband, and BSNL Broadband companies.

So far it has been told to you that you get the facility of Broadband from the wires laid under the ground and you can use the internet by connecting your mobile as well, but how is this possible?

Broadband cable facility is available on PC and laptop, but if not on mobile, then the router is used to provide an internet connection in your mobile. The router is the one that makes the surrounding house zone a WiFi zone by putting that Broadband cable inside it.

Types of Broadband –

Although there are many types of Broadband in today’s digital age, but you will tell about the selected Broadband, from which you can use the Internet easily.

Broadband Cable –

This broadband cable connection is typically provided by the local cable TV operator. In this, the speed of the internet depends on the cable internet connection and how many users can use the internet at the same time.

If multiple users are using broadband cable service at the same time, the speed will usually be less. You must have seen that people use the internet the most in the evening and at that time the speed of the internet becomes very slow.

The biggest takeaway with cable connections is that most cable models are external devices. Inside which we get to see two connections, one cable is the outlet and the other cable is in a computer. This connection gives a transnational internet speed of around 1.50Mbps or more.

Optic Fiber –

There is a new broadband service in optic fiber broadband service. In which a very fast internet connection is seen. It works on fiber optic technology which converts data into electric signals and carries data in light. The data of that light is then sent through a transparent glass fiber which is the diameter of a human hair.

Data transmission speed in fiber is more than cable modem speed and high-quality internet speed is seen in it. In this, we get to see the speed of about 10Mbps to 100Mbps i.e. 1Gbps.

Wireless Connection –

Its name itself suggests that this service is wireless, that is, there is no role of wires in it. In wireless broadband connection, our home and our business can be connected to the internet through a radio link. The range of wireless technology is very large, so the cost of installing it is expensive.

Its speed is almost like fiber and cable modern, but an external antenna is required to take advantage of the Internet.

Conclusion –

Friends, in this article you have been told in detail about the types of Broadband and also told how Broadband works. Apart from this, what are the types of Broadband? Important information has been given about which has the highest internet speed between optic fiber or wireless.

If you liked the information given in this article, then do not forget to share it with your friends at, and do let us know by commenting. If there is any mistake or deficiency in the article written by us, then feel free to tell us about it. We will wait for your comment.

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