He trailer of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film ‘CuttPutlli’ has been released on Saturday 20 August. 

The filmmakers organized a mega trailer launch event in Mumbai on Saturday, in which the trailer of Puppet was released. 

During the launch event, Akshay Kumar said that, it is his fault that his last few films are not performing well.

Talking about the failure of films, Akshay said – ‘It is my fault that the films are not performing properly.

Talking about his last few films, Akshay Kumar says- ‘Films are not working, it is our fault, my fault. 

Akshay said: No one else can be blamed for this.

During a media interaction, when Akshay Kumar was asked whether he is bringing his projects on OTT due to the failure of films at the box office.