NBA Warriors Look to Surprise Lakers in Game 4 Lineup

NBA Warriors Shams Charania leaked the supposed Game 4 lineup for Golden State Warriors. Can they surprise the Lakers with Jordan Poole starting? Can Steph Curry deliver the win?

NBA Warriors Look to Surprise Lakers in Game 4 Lineup – NBA Insider Shams Charania recently leaked the supposed Game 4 lineup for the Golden State Warriors, which included Gary Payton II as a starter. However, head coach Steve Kerr was not pleased about the leak. The Warriors are reportedly looking to switch things up and surprise the Lakers in Monday’s game.

NBA Warriors Look to Surprise Lakers in Game 4 Lineup

During the last year’s Finals, the Boston Celtics demonstrated their prowess on the basketball court, appearing to be a superior team to the Warriors in the first three games of the series. After securing a victory in Game 1 to set the tone, they followed up with an impressive display in Game 3, asserting their dominance.

Although the Warriors managed to clinch a win in Game 2, it was evident that the Celtics were a force to be reckoned with, as they led the series 2-1 at that point.

The current Lakers series has followed a similar pattern to the previous year’s Finals. In Game 1, the Warriors initially seemed to have the upper hand but ultimately lost to the Lakers, just like in the previous year’s Game 1. However, the Warriors managed to bounce back in Game 2 with a resounding victory. Yet, the Lakers showed their strength once again by completely dominating in Game 3.

Once again, the Warriors find themselves in a situation where Game 4 is essentially a must-win game. As we reminisce on the past, we recall how Steph Curry’s remarkable performance in Game 4 against Boston stole the soul of the Celtics team. With 43 points, he was able to seize the home-court advantage from Boston, and the Celtics never recovered from that loss, never managing to win another game.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Steph Curry and the Warriors can repeat their past success against the Lakers in Game 4. It is imperative that they do, as it is highly unlikely that they could overcome a 3-1 deficit against this Lakers team. Anthony Davis poses significant matchup challenges, making it difficult to envision the Warriors winning three consecutive games with their backs against the wall, even if two of those games are on their home turf.

The Warriors are no strangers to being in this type of situation, even in this postseason. In the first round against the Kings, they found themselves down 2-0 and had to play a crucial Game 3 without Draymond Green. Despite this, they were able to roll to a victory. Although the Kings appeared to be the stronger team for a significant portion of the series, the Warriors demonstrated their resilience and experience, ultimately forcing a Game 7. Steve Kerr pulled out all the stops in that game, relying on the talents of Steph Curry to secure the victory.

In a previous game against the Lakers, Steve Kerr had to rely heavily on the pick-and-roll strategy, focusing almost exclusively on this approach in Game 2. This tactic proved successful, resulting in a win for the Warriors. However, the Lakers made adjustments in Game 3, forcing Kerr to come up with a new strategy in Game 4 to create the necessary space and matchups for Steph Curry to have a big game and deliver the win the Warriors so desperately need.

As much as it pains me to suggest it, starting Jordan Poole may be a necessary move to force Anthony Davis back onto Draymond Green and into the Curry actions. Steve Kerr needs to make the right decision, as this is a familiar yet daunting situation against a larger, more physically imposing Lakers team. The Warriors are facing perhaps their biggest matchup challenge of the entire playoffs with Davis. He has the ability to keep the Warriors out of the paint on one end while being too big for Green and too fast for Kevon Looney on the other.

While the Lakers may not have a player who can effectively guard Steph Curry, the key is putting him in positions to take advantage of his strengths. If Steve Kerr fails to do so, Curry will have to improvise on his own during the game. He’s done it before in previous postseasons, including the Finals last year and against Sacramento. To tie up the series and regain momentum, Curry will need to step up as the dominant force on the court, not necessarily as the top scorer, but as the player who can dictate the flow of the game.

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