iOS 16.2 is coming soon. But have you tried the iOS 16.1 features?

iOS 16.2 is coming soon. But have you tried the iOS 16.1 features? – Earlier than the following iOS replace is launched, be sure to strive for these iOS 16.1 options. Apple’s third developer beta for iOS 16.2 is launched to testers immediately. This version of iOS 16.2 will arrive alongside the general release of this year’s iPhone 12 models. If you haven’t updated your software yet, you should still start with iOS 16.1 to get up to speed on new functionality. Let’s take a look at four key features that are launching as part of iOS 16.1.

New Lock Screen Notifications From Email –

When an app sends notifications to the lock screen or lock screen widgets from email, it is said to be integrated into the notification system of iPhones and iPads. These notifications are delivered in multiple ways and include all of the usual options such as phone calls, text messages, calendar invites, etc. With only one button — the power button — you can access these notifications while using the full slate of other icons.

Also, if you have set your mobile device as always-on so that it stays constantly connected, you should definitely see new notifications coming to your lock screen. For users, we already know that the regular alert pop-ups remain there even when away from wifi. Now you can also add a new “always on” setting to enable all those alerts.

FaceTime Camera –

FaceTime calls are getting better every day. The FaceTime camera has also become more powerful over time. And now, just like before, FaceTime video calling comes enabled by default when connected to WiFi via Bluetooth. So you’ll also receive live footage of FaceTime calls on any cellular network as well as Wi-Fi networks from any number of devices in front of it. Users can customize their settings to decide whether they want to see Live Video, Full HD (1080p resolution), or 720p. In addition, this feature can be accessed via either Siri or Google Assistant.

It is not clear what type of recording you can choose from voice clips, but most people would probably want to record themselves speaking out loud so they can review them later. However, the ability to control audio playback should help solve some problems during FaceTime calls.

Siri Shortcuts –

Siri Shortcuts will be another big release for Apple devices with updates including redesigned apps and improved multitasking. New shortcut templates have been added, so you can quickly create custom shortcuts for things like opening Mail, doing something like opening Instagram stories, or searching Wikipedia entries. There are a total of five different shortcuts to use the keyboard to perform common tasks, which includes search functions.

Some examples you can use: Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar → to add a shortcut to the Quick Settings icon; Ctrl + Command + A → to open the Accessibility menu with quick settings. Shortcut commands are customizable, allowing you to set a name and value for each one.

App Updates –

You can expect several important changes across Apple’s ecosystem this fall with regard to privacy, security, design, usability, productivity tools, privacy, and more. Whether you’re looking to get started with iOS 16.2 or you’ve got new questions about new features, you can find answers here:

iOS 16.1 Is Available Today –

iOS 16.1 is currently available to developers and public beta testers for free at the WWDC event 2021. Although Apple may roll it out sooner than the initial launch date, it is currently expected to be released sometime between September 10th and October 26th.

The update brings improvements for various applications, including Messages, Maps, Reminders, Photos, Notes, Safari, and Search. Keep in mind that we know and have confirmed with our sources that Apple will bring additional security upgrades for iOS 16.2 as well. Find out more below.

What Are My Questions About iOS 16.1? –

We’ve been keeping close tabs on the latest iOS development news and features and have compiled a list of the best information about certain changes heading toward the September release.

In terms of iOS 16.2, Apple usually launches two new versions of macOS Mojave. One is focused on bringing incremental bug fixes and patches to last year’s operating systems while also making significant enhancements. Apple typically releases its own internal iOS and macOS products simultaneously, however, the company is scheduled to release iOS 16.2 only after macOS Monterey 2023.

Is iPhone 14 Pro Better Than Pro Max?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was recently rebranded as “iPhone 11 Pro” or simply “iPhone”. Many iPhone enthusiasts continue to be disappointed since the first few years of life with Apple’s flagship smartphones were limited to modest specifications. The upgrade to Android flagships has helped improve many elements of performance such as cameras, battery life, operating system stability, and overall experience.

Since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, almost every major smartphone released in recent months has had the same premium build and display as each previous model.

Apple’s top-of-the-line phones provide excellent specs with high refresh rates, great cameras, and great displays. While the cost is much higher compared to the competition, having all these features is worth the extra money. The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro could be the most notable redesign in the history of the iPhone thanks to an enhanced processor, larger batteries, faster charging, bigger sensors, longer battery life, and possibly the biggest notch ever.

Despite it does come at a hefty $1,000+ price tag, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is comparable to the original Max at this point in the line-up. The upgraded specs and hardware makes the Pro Max feel even more expensive compared to the last model.

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